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10 Reasons to Learn English in the UK

  1. Worldwide reputation for academic excellence
    The UK is a popular choice for international students because of its high quality of education. This quality is assured by organisations such as the British Council. But if that’s not enough for you, keep in mind that many of the UK institutions are world renowned.
  2. Qualifications recognised and valued all over the world
    Cambridge ESOL exams are worldwide recognised certificates to prove your level of English and access studies and employment in English speaking environments. There are several exams to choose from, all suited to different needs and levels.
  3. Accredited courses that offer great value for money
    There are several bodies working to ensure that English language courses meet some minimum quality standards, such as the British Council, EAQUALS and English UK. All our schools are accredited by these bodies.
  4. Complete English Immersion
    The English language is a global language and is widely used across the world. If English is not your native language, going to school in the UK will help you immerse in the language and will increase your chances to get a great job.
  5. A Multicultural Environment
    The UK is one of the most multicultural countries in Europe. The UK welcomes all religions and races and you can find international students from pretty much every nation in the world.
  6. Travel is Easy
    Europe is just across the channel from the UK. You can visit France, Italy, Amsterdam, Germany, Spain and a hundred other places.
  7. Staying in Britain  is Great Too
    If you’re not so into travel, there is a lot to see and discover right in the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all offer exciting opportunities to experience other cultures. You will find impressive architecture, beautiful scenery and plenty of history in any British place you choose to visit.
  8. Music, sports, culture...
    The UK is home to one of the world’s most popular football leagues, as well as other sports such as golf, tennis, cricket and rugby. If you like music, some of the world’s greatest bands were born and raised in the UK - Think about The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Oasis and more. Finally, we can’t forget about great films, theatre, literature and art- The UK has got something for everyone.
  9. It's the birthplace and home of the English language
    Learning English in the country where it originated is always a good choice! British teachers and academics are very proud of their language and will make sure you learn it to the highest standards.
  10. Still not convinced?
    If you’re looking to study internationally, then the UK is a great place to do it. Lower costs, a high quality of education and lots to do make the UK a premier destination for students, no matter what are your needs.

If you want to learn English in the UK, we offer high-quality courses in four of the most famous cities in Britain. Learn more about our General English course.

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