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Our schools are located in four of the UK’s most iconic locations. Click on the tabs below for detailed information about the cities, activities and courses we offer.
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Hampstead School of English

Students outside Hampstead School of English

Established in 1977, our Hampstead school is one of London’s premier language schools. With a wide range of courses and facilities in an ideal and easily accessible location, it is a great place to learn English in London.

  • A view of St Paul's Cathedral and the Millenium Bridge.

In this page you will meet our school's team. They will make sure you enjoy a problem-free and safe stay with us.

James Birrell, Head of School

Hello, I’m James and I’m the Head of School here at Hampstead – great to meet you!
I was born and grew up in a small village just outside of Cambridge. I have been lucky to travel extensively over the past few years for both work and pleasure, but the cobbled streets of Cambridge still remains to be one of my all-time favourite places. I love meeting people, experiencing different cultures and eating new cuisine which from an early age led me to travel. My top destinations have to be Greece for the fantastic food and beaches and France for the magic mountains, delicious cheese and amazing après ski. I am quite active in my free time, no more so than when I ran the New York marathon which has to be my greatest achievement. I also love reading and my top picks from the bookshelf would be anything by Stephen Fry who I think is a very imaginative writer.

Angela Signorastri, Academic Director

I was born and bred in London in a family of Italian origin. Growing up in a bi-lingual situation gave me an insight into language learning and has helped me in my career as an English teacher. I went to Italy in 1992 and was based in Turin for a number of years. I arrived at Hampstead School of English in 2000 and since then I have moved into management roles firstly as Assistant Director, then Director of Studies and now Academic Director.


Jane Galloway, Director of Studies

Hello, I’m Jane the Academic Manager. Born and educated in Scotland, I chose to make London my home. I love my Scottish heritage and culture, but London is, for me, the very best place to live. I’ve been fortunate to have two careers – I spent several years in the fashion business, travelling all over the world (hardly ever touching down in London). I met many interesting people and saw some wonderful places at times of great change – Hong Kong, China, India to name but a few.  During this time I always thought, if I wasn’t doing this, I would like to train to teach English, the Lingua Franca, to enable others to travel extensively and to work and experience other cultures as I had. I completed the training and have been here at Hampstead since 2007. It’s been a fantastic place to work –  I taught for 7 years (specialising in Business English and exams) completing my Delta in 2010. Now in the role of Academic Manager, I’m part way through my DETLM. Outside of school I love to cook and enjoy sharing the results with friends.  I’m also an enormous dog lover and enjoy walking in London’s beautiful green spaces.

Arianna Pedrini, Welfare and Accommodation Officer

Hi there, I’m Arianna and am the Welfare and Accommodation Officer at Hampstead. Originally from Italy, I moved to London with my husband in 2012.  Back then my English wasn’t really that good and so I started a language course in this school. I was supposed to stay for 6 months, but am still here working with lots of interesting people! I love spending time with my family, going to the theatre and of course travelling around the world.

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