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Study Year

Level of this course: Study Year

Course Details
Course Length:
24 weeks minimum
Course Hours:
16.6 - 25 hours per week (20, 25 or 30 lessons)
Available In:
Key Dates:
Study Year

A Study Year is a long term course (minimum 24 weeks) in London, Manchester, York or Edinburgh, with your choice of 20, 25 or 30 English language lessons per week. You can also enjoy a multi-school experience by dividing your time between two or three of our schools (minimum 12 weeks per school). 

Who is it for?

Study Year options are ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in UK life and make real progress by the end of your stay. Taking a long term English language course has the invaluable benefit of giving you total language and cultural immersion in the city of your choice, enabling you to consolidate your language skills in a variety of contexts, and to challenge yourself with a combination of different courses. 

Key details

Age: 16+
Minimum level: Beginners A1 (Manchester and York); Elementary A2 (London Hampstead and Edinburgh)
Locations: London Hampstead, Manchester, York, Edinburgh
Maximum class size: 14
Price: From £170 to £240 per week

We will help you to:

• increase your range of grammar and vocabulary in a wide variety of subjects
• improve all your communication skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing
• focus on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar to ensure you improve your accuracy as well as your fluency
• develop speaking skills for real-life situations and put these into practice using natural expressions and functional language to: talk about yourself, hold effective discussions, make requests, exchange information, and express your opinions
• learn to read and listen for detail, and improve your general understanding of many types of text, including books, the Internet, magazines and newspapers
• learn how to study effectively and discover ways to record and remember vocabulary
• learn new sounds and words on your own, as well as how to deal with unknown language

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