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A1-C1: General English

Level of this course: General English

Course Details
Course Length:
1 week to 1 year
Course Hours:
12.5 - 25 hours per week (15-30 lessons)
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Key Dates:
What is General English?

Our General English courses in London, Manchester, York and Edinburgh, Scotland are designed to help you improve your English language skills, including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, speaking accuracy and fluency, listening, reading, and writing.

The course can also be combined with Business English, One-to-One TOEIC or TOEFL Preparation, or IELTS preparation (Manchester, York), as well as special interest courses such as English Plus Art (London Hampstead), English for 50+ (Edinburgh, York), and English at the Edinburgh Festivals.

Key details

Age: 16+
Minimum level: Beginners A1 (Manchester and York); Elementary A2 (London Hampstead and Edinburgh) 
Locations: London Hampstead, Manchester, York, Edinburgh
Maximum class size: 14
Price: From £105 to £290 per week

Course structure:

Course intensity varies from 15 to 30 lessons per week, giving you the opportunity to choose a course that perfectly suits your learning needs and daily routine. Choose your course depending on the number of lessons you wish to take each week:

General English 15AM: 15 lessons per week (morning classes)
General English 15PM: 15 lessons per week (afternoon classes)
General English 20: 20 lessons per week
General English 25: 25 lessons per week
General English 30: 30 lessons per week

From 2017, each lesson will last 50 minutes.

Morning classes are based around a coursebook lesson, followed by a Speaking & Listening class:


In morning classes from Monday to Friday, we work with a coursebook and concentrate on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Fluency and accuracy are also developed using pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and idioms.


An extra opportunity for fluency practice. This helps students improve their spoken English and gain confidence in day-to-day communication.

Afternoon and intensive courses offer you the chance to focus on specific language areas and may include the following options, depending on your learning needs and preferences: 


Aimed at introducing and reinforcing grammatical structures and writing strategies, including style and register. Focus is on accuracy, raising awareness, building confidence and in-class practice.


Vocabulary-based, with a strong focus on the accurate production of language in terms of meaning, form and pronunciation. Areas covered include idioms, colloquialisms, phrasal verbs, slang etc.

Overall, we will help you to:

• increase your range of grammar and vocabulary in a wide variety of subjects
• improve all your communication skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing
• focus on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar to ensure you improve your accuracy as well as your fluency
• develop speaking skills for real-life situations and put these into practice using natural expressions and functional language to: talk about yourself, hold effective discussions, make requests, exchange information, and express your opinions
• learn to read and listen for detail, and improve your general understanding of many types of text, including books, the Internet, magazines and newspapers
• learn how to study effectively and discover ways to record and remember vocabulary
• learn new sounds and words on your own, as well as how to deal with unknown language

Part-time English language courses

Our schools in London, Edinburgh and York also offer part-time General English courses to fit around your personal commitments; please click on the relevant links below for more information.

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