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Immersive Activities

Immersive Activities

So you can make the most of your destination, our staff and teachers run exciting social activities that provide the perfect opportunity to become more fluent in the English language, to discover the best of your city, and to create life-long friendships.

Each school organises a weekly social programme to help you get to know the city and other students. Every week a member of staff leads Conversation Club, which takes place either at the school or at a local pub, café, or park if the weather is nice! It is the perfect opportunity to practise your English speaking and communication skills in a relaxed environment.

Activities vary from school to school and you can expect a mix of walking tours and educational workshops (at no extra cost), or you can sign up for activities such as rock-climbing, cinema trips, and visitor attractions - these are normally at an additional cost* depending on the city, the activities, and how many activities want to join.

We believe immersing yourself is important as it is where you will truly live the English language, whilst learning about British culture (as well as other cultures, as you will get to know other students well!), and making the most of your UK experience.  That’s why we always encourage our students to join us no matter what your level of English.  As we say in English, ‘The more the merrier’!

*If you were to take part in all activities, you can expect to pay the following approximate costs per week:
Hampstead School of English: £0-£20 per week
English Language Centre York: £12-£20 per week
Manchester Academy of English: £10-£50 per week
Edinburgh Language Centre: £15-£30 per week